Monday, January 25, 2010

Stoneleigh Burnham Schooling Dressage Show

On Saturday Connie Walker
and Kelly Foster took Connie's mare Hermione Granger to Stoneleigh Burnham's Schooling Dressage Show.  It was a perfect day, the weather cooperating with sunny skies and mild temperatures.  Hermione was't quite sure what this particular task was all about but was very willing to give it a try.  Connie rode her in a beginner novice test in which Connie was still settling into the routine and Hermione was checking everything out. (Especially the judge's table).  They had a very good test for the first time out and finished in 6th place.  Kelly rode her next in a novice test.  Hermione was getting a lttle tired (not used to all this ring work) as last weekend she had competed in a 25 mile endurance ride.  She is a very versatile mare. The pair had a good test and finished in 2nd place in their division.  Afterwards many of Connie's friend came to congradulate her and Hermione.  The picture shows Hermione looking very regal, Kelly gving her a well rewarded pat, Connie and friends looking on.  More to come on Hermione

Connie waiting for Kelly & Hermione's test.  You can see them coming in the background.  Kelly on Hermione memorizing her dressage test.  Hermione waiting patiently.

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  1. Your blog looks great. I am viewing it on my cell. Good job at Stoneleigh.