Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cody, Cody, Cody

We have one of our own homebreds, Cody, that is like a Dennis the Menance.  If you do not know who that was, it was a cartoon strip about a little boy who was always mischevious. He caused his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, total frustration and at times to go a little batty with Dennis's antics.  When we had our big storm with lots of wet snow the horses at the indoor had to stay in for safety sake.  They were turned out in the indoor arena for excercise and to stretch their legs.  We can usually put two out together that are fairly compatible.  Cody goes out with his full (younger) brother Ben.  When it was time to bring Cody and Ben in from the arena and  have the next pair out.  Kelly was met with a typical Cody expression.  I tried to draw this cartoon to show Cody's surprise at being caught rearranging the flowers on the flower box jump. Ben, who was trying to melt into the corner, wanted Kelly to know that he had no part in this flower arranging that Cody had done. 

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